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DIY: Wedding Favors

It occurred to me (almost a year later, whoops) than I never got around to sharing some of the DIY projects we did for our wedding. I waded through many of them and decided to scrap the posts – the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Candied Orange Peels

This recipe is really fun, super rewarding, and couldn’t be simpler. I have always loved those sugar coated candy fruit wedges. I don’t think there is any actually fruit in them though. Candied citrus peels are the next best thing … Continue reading

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DIY: Make Your Own Ironing Board

I hate ironing. Don’t we all? I’ve avoided buying everyday clothes that have to be ironed because, ultimately, they end up at the back of the closet. It’s also tough when you’re used to apartment dwelling without enough space for … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

My apologies for the radio silence last week. Life got a little crazy and I needed some time to get centered. Also, since spring is finally here, I spent a lot of time outside, catching up on sunshine. I’m back … Continue reading

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A Little Background

I was never wild about the one tone blue background Domestocrat had since the beginning. I’ve had changing the background of the blog on my mental to-do list for months. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick with a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Perfect Kettle Corn

Recipe #5 from the Joy The Baker cookbook! Kettle corn is one of my favorite foods of all time. I always thought a homemade version could never compare to the overflowing bags of perfectly sweet, expertly kettle cooked popcorn you … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness

Lately I’ve been thinking about random acts of kindness. They are a win-win because they make everyone involved feel good. One of my favorite things in the world is care packages. I get them less now that I’m an adult … Continue reading

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