Boston’s Best: Fenway Park Tour

I love being a tourist in my own city. It seems so cheesy but it’s such a great reminder of why I love where I’m from and why I’ll always call Boston my home. A few weekends ago John’s sister and her boyfriend came up from NJ for a visit. John suggested a tour of Fenway Park and they were totally on board. I had never been (which is crazy) and was so excited! The experience was a must do. It was super fun, informative, and really interesting.

Fenway Park opened in 1912 (Happy 100th birthday Fenway!) and is the oldest baseball stadium still in use. Pretty impressive.


Another awesome fact? Fenway Park was just added (on March 7, 2012) to the National Register of Historic Places. Finally!




Our tour guide was fantastic – incredibly knowledgeable, a wealth of information, and funny too.


To the Green Monster! We’d never been up here so it was really exciting. One thing I never knew was that Fenway doesn’t offer season tickets for Monster seats – they let everyone have a chance to purchase tickets to sit there. Really cool.


I really enjoyed the view from the Monster seats.


It was the off season, obviously, so the field was being worked on. Maybe in my next life I’ll work at Fenway hosing off the field. No really, I would love that.


John and Gina enjoying the view from the press box:


All in all the tour was fantastic. We walked all over the stadium and saw Fenway from every angle. I learned so many new things about this historic place that’s been in my life forever and only 5.5 miles from my house. I loved every second of the tour and would highly recommend it to residents and tourists alike. Even if you aren’t a huge sports fan you can still appreciate Boston’s passion for the sport, all of the baseball history, and the austerity of the venue.


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