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Just A Little Friday Update

Hey gang. Here’s a little Friday update because why not? A friend just introduced to me Pinterest. What a genius little site! You can “pin” things from all over the internet to different board on your page. Awesome. My wedding … Continue reading

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Recipe: Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Everything is better with bacon, right? This recipe jumped out at me while I was leafing through my latest issue of Cooking Light. They actually had four variations of brussel sprout recipes but John picked the bacon one, go figure. … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mashed Cauliflower

The new issue of Cooking Light just arrived so you can expect a bunch of upcoming recipe blogs! The first recipe I wanted to try was a cauliflower mash/puree. As you may know we are serious mashed potato people. However … Continue reading

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Day Off!

You gotta love Monday holidays! Even if you do wake up to snow: I’m having a leisurely breakfast and blogging with my favorite assistant. I plan to go to the gym in a little while, do some cooking when I … Continue reading

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Five Year Memory Book

I saw a five year memory book on the blogosphere recently. I thought it was a cool idea and threw it up on my Amazon wishlist. Well, we were at PaperSource yesterday when I saw it there and decided to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Cole Slaw

This is another Ina inspired recipe. There was a recent Barefoot Contessa re-run on from 2005 when she made BBQ for a group of friends. The cole slaw made my mouth water! So you can imagine how excited I was … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pita Chips

Now that we are completely obsessed with my Feta Guacamole, I needed to find a quick and relatively healthy homemade delivery system. In other words, chips! Pita chips in a bag are alright but they are often too hard and … Continue reading

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