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January Health Update

January was a tough month: tons of snow, work has picked up, wedding planning has gone turbo, eating clean has been a challenge (no eating out, no junk, no alcohol, limited sugar, I think I had chocolate once), and I’ve … Continue reading

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Recipe: Fluffernutter Cookies

What could be better than a Fluffernutter? I can’t think of any other food that conjures the memories of childhood quicker. Our town is the birthplace of Fluff and even has a Fluff Festival every year. I got a jar … Continue reading

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Trip Planning 101

John and I travel a lot. Whether it’s a local day trip Portsmouth or driving cross country, we love to go on adventures and plan well so we get the most out of our trip. Right now we’re planning our … Continue reading

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Top 10 Songs For Lifting Weights

After the success of my Bride Arms Workout blog post I thought I’d make a little side entry about the tunes I rock while pumping iron. Music is seriously what gets me through each workout and I have specific tastes … Continue reading

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Recipe: A Classic Meat and Potatoes Dinner

When John tells me he doesn’t like a certain type of food I become determined to prove him wrong. Not so I can be right but more because he loves food and if he doesn’t like something it’s probably because … Continue reading

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A Super Fast and Healthy Saturday Night Dinner For One

By Saturday night we never seem to have any food left in the fridge. Which makes it really easy to justify eating out for the majority of the weekend. But since I’m eating healthy and definitely not eating out again … Continue reading

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New Careers?

With wedding planning firmly under my belt I am convinced I’m more than qualified for any one of the following careers (if I was looking to change careers, which I’m not): – Travel Agent – Accountant – Event Coordinator – … Continue reading

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