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Recipe: Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Hey, it’s my 24th cookie recipe! I know what you can celebrate with… (Can you tell I’m running out of cookie preamble? But seriously, try these ones.) Domestocrat’s Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies (makes 20 cookies) 1/2 cup (8 … Continue reading

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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Cakes

I love that Bud Light commercial with the guy making the quinoa burgers who keeps calling them “queeno.” Oh man, it cracks me up every time. Joking aside though, I love quinoa. It’s totally a staple in our house. However, … Continue reading

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The Monday Mix

Here’s The Monday Mix for this week! To visit past mixes, click here. I have a new obsession:  La Croix bubbly water. I saw it at Target a few weeks ago and have been buying it every week since. I … Continue reading

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I Blog Because…

Real talk: Some days I want to quit this blog. Coming up with posts, photographing them, editing the photos, then writing it all up seems like so much work for so little gain. Living my life in “Content Mode,” as … Continue reading

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My Beef With Beyonce

Like most people I am obsessed with the new Beyonce album. It’s a feminist phenomenon. It’s visual elements combined with the overall musicality of the record are unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The whole package is a work … Continue reading

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Recipe: Healthy Alfredo Shells and Peas

I was revisiting old recipe bookmarks this past weekend and stumbled upon Shutterbean’s Sweet Peas and Shells Alfredo. I pitched it to John for lunches this week and he was all over it. However, we both wanted a healthier version. … Continue reading

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Recipe: Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie

It’s January which means I’m back on my smoothie game. Bonus points to me for being able to quell John’s carrot cake requests at the same time (for however long that lasts). I usually try to throw the kitchen sink into … Continue reading

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