30 Before 30 Project Recap

Well, today is my birthday which means my 30 Before 30 Project is over.

I originally set these goals in April and gave an update on how the project was going in July. Overall, I think the project was a good idea because it kept me mindful of short and long term goals that were really important to me. I do think it was too much to try to accomplish all of these things in less than a year though. Still, having this list kept me much more focused than I would if I didn’t have it. I like the idea of having an ongoing list of goals that are revisited often – not just resolutions made in January and forgotten about by May. I may try and post a list like that here on my blog quarterly.

Here is the full recap of my 30 Before 30 Project:

  1. Donate to two non-profit organizations – I made donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (very dear to my family) and to the Somerville Public Library (our local library that is fabulous).
  2. Have a TV free week – Didn’t happen though I do still aspire to do this.
  3. Swim in open water – This never happened; it ended up being too cold for swimming every time the opportunity arose.
  4. Plant something (and hopefully not kill it) – We really enjoyed having a thriving garden this summer! We’ll definitely do this again next year.
  5. Visit my sister, bro-in-law, and nephews in Richmond, VirginiaDone!
  6. Plan an entire surprise date day for my husbandDone!.
  7. Buy new chef’s knivesDone!
  8. Organize my memory box and create scrapbooks for the last several years – Done! With an Adventures in Scrapbooking post to boot.
  9. Fully clean out my closet and donate clothes – Done twice! (no link/pics though)
  10. Advance my career – Done, new job acquired!
  11. Express true gratitude to 10 people (friends, family, or strangers) in a meaningful way (visit, phone call, letter, email, card, etc.) – I hadn’t been counting, per se, but having this goal on here made me increasingly grateful in my daily life and I’ve been much more vocal about it in general.
  12. Read 5 classics from the Modern Library Association’s 100 Best Novels list – Didn’t happen, I wish there were more interesting sounding books on this list.
  13. Buy 3 different vegetables I’ve never had before at the farmer’s market, create an original recipe using them, and post it on my blog – Really regret not being able to get this one done. I did go to the Union Square Farmers Market a few weeks back and have a few recipe blogs for things I bought there but I haven’t posted them yet.
  14. Make 5 crafty things I’ve seen on PinterestDone!
  15. Play 5 board games I’ve never played – Done! No specific pics but a lot of this took place at our annual camping trip.
  16. Visit 3 museums – This was was easy and finished completely on our cross country road trip: Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and the Old Prison Museum/Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge, Montana.
  17. Watch 5 documentaries – This may have been my favorite goal to complete.
  18. Eat 1,400 healthy calories per day for one week – I realize now this goal was too low but I like the idea of having a daily calorie goal.
  19. Exercise every day for one week (really exercise, like with an elevated heart rate) – I got up to 4 out of 7 days, I think that was pretty good for me.
  20. Combine the previous two for one week – I’m going to work on this one for the future with goals that make better sense for me.
  21. Sew a dress – This ended up being too big of a project in too short a time frame. But I have been sewing a lot of other projects that I’m really proud of.
  22. Host a Ladies Only dinner party – Not enough time for this one either but it’s still a goal!
  23. Take a cross stitch/embroidery classDone!
  24. Clean out our basement – Doing this next weekend.
  25. Install a backsplash in our kitchen – Wasn’t able to get this completed but I plan to do this by the end of the year.
  26. Compile my own personal Best of Boston listDone!
  27. Listen to all of my favorite band’s albums, with intent not just in the background, start to finish (it’s R.E.M. and they have 15 full studio albums) – Only got a few done but I did sit down with many of my favorite albums for a focused listen and rediscovered so many gems. Such a good feeling!
  28. Hike at The Fells 10 times – I went twice. I wanted to go more but didn’t have enough time. I do plan to continue to go here when I’m able to.
  29. Reorganize the Recipes page on my blogDone!
  30. Take pictures of as many of these 30×30 projects as I complete them and post them on my blog – I think I did a pretty good job of doing this for the ones I was able to complete.

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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