Boston Pizza Tour

Our awesome friend Scott runs a pizza tour in NYC called Scott’s Pizza Tour. It started based on his lifelong love of pizza and grew into a hugely successful business. Two summers ago a whole bunch of us went to NYC and joined Scott on his Pizza Tour (pictures). It was awesome!

Ever since then John and his friend Chris kept talking about doing a Boston Pizza Tour. At long last they finally planned it and we all went on Sunday (sadly, minus Scott).

Our plan for the Boston Pizza Tour was to sample pizzerias from all over the Boston area. We got one simple cheese/margherita pizza and one specialty pizza from each restaurant. We also enjoyed the many variations and flavors imparted on the pizza by different kinds of ovens (wood fired, charcoal, gas, and brick).

Stop #1 – Pizzeria Posto in Davis Square, Somerville

Posto is a few blocks from our apartment and we’ve been several times. The pizza is always good and very fresh. They make brick oven, wood-fired pizzas.


Margherita pizza and the sausage/onion/garlic pizza:


The Pizza Tour Gang:


Stop #2 – Flatbread Company in Davis Square, Somerville

Flatbread Company and Sacco’s Bowl Haven share an awesome, open, sunny space right near us in Davis Square.


Their clay, wood fired oven:


The interior and our gang:


Our pies – Cheese and herb and the Community Flatbread (veggie):


Chris, the Money Keeper, looking mafia-esque:


Stop #3 – Village Kitchen in Huron Village, Cambridge

I had never been here before but am so glad we went. Huron Village is quaint and adorable, and the metal oven, gas-fired pies here were very good.


Classic margherita and the chicken & broccoli pizza:


Stop #4 – Cambridge, 1 in Harvard Square, Cambridge

I had been to the Cambridge, 1 in Fenway before but never to this location. The interior is very hip and the brick oven, charcoal-fired pizzas were light and crisp.


Classic cheese and potato/fontina pizzas:


Awesome views of Boston on our way from Cambridge to the North End:


Stop #5 – Pizzeria Regina in the North End, Boston

This iconic brick oven pizzeria does not disappoint, even when the line is down and around the street. Good thing we called ahead!



Classic margherita pizza and pepperoni pizza:


We pulled up some space on the lawn at the Rose Kennedy Greenway, ate our pizza in the gorgeous weather, and enjoyed the view:


Stop #6 – Santarpio’s in East Boston

Santarpio’s isn’t fancy but they serve damn fine pizza out of their charcoal grill metal ovens.


Classic cheese and sausage and garlic pizza:


(My apologies for the lack of pictures towards the end, we were pretty sleepy and loagy with cheese at this point. Picture taking got more and more difficult the more pizza I ate, haha!)


Cheese Pizza Rankings Specialty Pizza Rankings
1. Santarpio’s 1. Flatbread Company
2. Village Kitchen 2. Posto
3. Posto 3. Santarpio’s
4. Pizzeria Regina 4. Pizzeria Regina
5. Cambridge, 1 5. Village Kitchen
6. Flatbread Company 6. Cambridge, 1

Which is your favorite pizzeria in Boston?

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

19 thoughts

  1. My rankings:
    1) Posto
    2) Regina’s
    3) Santarpio’s
    4) Village Kitchen
    5) Flatbreads
    6) Cambridge 1

    1) Regina’s
    2) Posto
    3) Santarpio’s
    4) Flatbreads
    5) Village Pizza
    6) Cambridge 1

    I like how we all had VERY different rankings.

  2. Kim this looks amazing!!! I’m definitely going to check out these spots next time I’m in Boston. I love that Bnuts is wearing his SPT shirt. Hardcore!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve just moved from NY/NJ and good pizza has been impossible to find out here where as they’re a dime a dozen where i come from- i really took that for granted! this is a huge help- i think i’ll try them all!!

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