Recipe: Green Monster Smoothie

Let’s start the week off right, shall we? A super healthy smoothie filled with tons of protein, potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A & C!

Gotta be up front, I got major inspiration from Joy The Baker on this one.

Now, before you look at all of the green ingredients in this smoothie, say yuck, and run for the hills just hear me out! Spinach and kale are pretty flavorless, in my opinion, and will take on the flavor of other things you pair them with. That’s where the pear and banana come in. I only used a half of each for this smoothie. You want to sweeten it with the fruit but not sugar load.

Green Monster Smoothie
3 tsp. greek yogurt (I used honey flavored for added sweetness)
1 cup vanilla soymilk
Half a banana
Half a pear
1 cup spinach, packed down
1 huge handful of kale, probably 1.5 cup packed down
3 ice cubes
1 tsp. honey
1 tbsp. protein powder


To break down your kale: Fold in half along the interior rib, cut the rib out, keep the kale folded in half, and then chop into bite sized leaves. I broke all of my kale down for the week and put in a big tupperware container. Huge time saver!

PS – These man hands are John’s not mine!


Yummy pear and banana. As I mentioned above, you should probably only use about a half or less here to control your sugar.



I found this delicious honey greek yogurt at Whole Foods. Sweet and savory, perfect for this smoothie and great protein.


Start with your yogurt and soymilk. Blend together.


Next add your fruit and blend.


Now onto the greens! Add your kale, blend, then add spinach. They will blend up smooth, don’t worry about chunks! If your blender needs a little help, push the greens down then splash some more soymilk on top.


Time for the rest: ice cubes, honey if you want, and protein powder.


Since my smoothies will be enjoyed at work I poured mine into a portable thermos and chilled down in the freezer overnight.


This smoothie ends up tasting like delicious vanilla pear, not like spinach or kale at all!

If you want to trick your taste buds even more but still enjoy your greens here are some suggestions: add orange juice instead of soymilk, add an apple instead of the banana, or stream in some agave nectar.

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