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After literally 3 months of searching I finally found some new gym sneakers that work for me. I was a loyal Saucony Progrid Echelon wearer but they changed the design in the most recent versions and it wasn’t working out for me. I tried Brooks and Asics, and could not find a winner. Finally I went and got fitted at Marathon Sports and ended up with these beauties, the Saucony Hurricane 15.

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I cannot wait to try making these Oatmeal Cream Pies from Annie’s Eats. I was obsessed with the Lil’ Debbie ones when I was a kid and this recipe looks really true to form.


Happy Opening Day! Since baseball began it has had a rivalry with Mother Nature (earthquakes, heavy rain, insects, etc). Check out National Geographic’s top 10 moments of baseball being spoiled by nature.


The Most Stunning Ad Ever Made for a Used Car With 128,000 Miles That’s Been Puked In Twice. This. Is Hilarious.


Check out this DIY Word Search Wrapping Paper from Mini-Eco. Too cute!


Here’s some real talk: 25 Simple Ways To Eat Better.

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I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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