Product Review: Fiskars Fabric Cutting Set

Years ago my grandmother bought me a beautiful pair of classic Gingher fabric shears. I have been using them forever and they still look brand new. I swear, they haven’t dulled in over 10 years! However, when I attended my first patchwork class at Gather Here I was introduced to the magical world of rotary cutters. In my 30 years I had never used one before so I was pretty enamored. Within a few days I had ordered my own set: the Fiskars Fabric Cutting Set.

The Fiskars set came with one rotary cutter with classic 45mm rolling blade, a double-sided self-healing 18″ x 24″ cutting mat, and a 6″ x 24″ clear acrylic ruler. Rotary cutters, when paired with a ruler and self healing mat, can be perfect for cutting small, measured patchwork pieces of fabric as well as huge yardages.


These three pieces have been a pleasure to work with – they are ease to use, sturdy, and precise. The ruler provides a stable guide for the rotary cutter, which effortlessly cuts through any fabric (you can cut up to 4 layers of fabric with one cut too).


The rotary cutter fits nicely in my hand. In fact, I purchased a second one so that I could have one dedicated cutter for fabric and one for paper. (FYI – You should never use the same scissors/cutters for both, and forget about hair trimming scissors.)


The self-healing mat is clearly labeled and offers a really nice grid with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cutting lines.


Overall I’m thrilled with this set. It’s sleek and sturdy, and at under $35 I’d say the value is huge.

(Product reviews are never sponsored; they are just my musings on products I’ve tried and want to share with you.)

Author: Domestocrat

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