America’s Test Kitchen Follow Up

You may remember back in April when I got picked as a semi-finalist in the America’s Test Kitchen Learn to Cook Week contest. The contest was to kick off their newly launched online cooking school and the prize was a trip to the Test Kitchen to spend the day cooking with Bridget Lancaster.

The bad news is that I didn’t win (you can check out the guy who did win and his visit to ATK here). The good news is that the experience was still totally awesome. The folks I interacted with there were fantastic, it was a total pleasure getting to know them. The other great thing was that, as a finalist, I already won a 60-day enrollment to the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. All in all a very cool thing that I didn’t think could get any better, until I got a huge package from them in the mail last week…


It was an ATK apron and cookbook signed by Bridget Lancaster!


The apron is very cool and I’ve been really needing one lately!


The cookbook is also pretty incredible. It’s the America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete TV Show Cookbook. It has over 800 recipes, very detailed and clear instructions, and includes everything ATK has made on the show over the past 12 years!


I’m so thrilled to dig in to this cookbook! America’s Test Kitchen has always been the gospel around these parts. They are a real live test kitchen just outside of Boston that produce quality recipes, tutorials, an excellent TV show, and the popular magazine Cook’s Illustrated. But their recipes are really the star. They feature simple ingredients along with even simpler instructions.


It seems there was something for everyone with the arrival of this package: I got the swag, Reggie got the box.


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