Recipe: Chicken, Vegetable, and Quinoa Soup

It’s fall so this is just the beginning of my soup adventures. Next up: chicken, vegetable, and quinoa soup. Still loving cabbage and quinoa in soup but I wanted something brothier, earthier, with more root vegetables. We visited the farmers market and I got some lovely carrots and red bliss potatoes that were perfect for the job. So this is my spin on a classic chicken noodle soup.
Kim’s Chicken, Vegetable, and Quinoa Soup
2 quarts (2 containers) of chicken broth/stock – I use one regular and one low sodium
1 package cabbage
6 peeled and chopped carrots
7 small red bliss potatoes, quartered
1 bunch of celery (about 7 ribs), sliced fine
1 package of baby portabella mushrooms
3/4 cup quinoa
1.5 lb. chicken, chopped in chunks
2 bay leaves
Salt & pepper to taste
I added the stock, cabbage, and bay leaves first to marry for about 20 minutes.
During that time I prepped, washed, and chopped my veggies.
IMG_2559 IMG_2560 IMG_2561
I added the veggies and chicken and let simmer for 25 minutes.
Towards the end I added my mushrooms and the quinoa.
IMG_2563 IMG_2564
I let the soup simmer for another 15-20 minutes, tasted it and added salt and pepper, and then it was done!
IMG_2566 IMG_2569
Chef’s Notes:
– The farmers market veggies really made a difference here. The carrots are so sweet and tender, and the potatoes are earthy and rich. They are the stars for sure.
– Next time I might swap brown rice for the quinoa.
– More add in ideas: spinach, parmesan cheese, chickpeas, orzo.

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