Day Trip To Portsmouth, NH: Two Brewery Tours and Shopping Downtown

On Saturday John and I went to Portsmouth, NH for a little day trip. We went on two brewery tours, had an awesome sushi lunch, and did some shopping downtown. It was such a great day!
First stop was the Smuttynose Brewery:
IMG_2000 IMG_2031
I sampled the Single Island Star and John sampled the Pumpkin Ale:
IMG_2012 IMG_2014
IMG_2020 IMG_2021
Stuff is a all over the place at Smuttynose but it was pretty cool to look at:
The brew kettle and the boil kettle:
IMG_2053 IMG_2057
Fermentation tanks:
IMG_2061 IMG_2063
Krausen overflow and the bright tanks:
IMG_2072 IMG_2074
The bottling line and capping machine:
IMG_2077 IMG_2078
IMG_2079 IMG_2082
The warehouse (about a week’s supply!!):
IMG_2085 IMG_2088
And an IPA sample before we left:
IMG_2093 IMG_2096
After a delicious sushi lunch at Shio, we headed to the Portsmouth Brewing Company.
The tour was pretty lackluster, as my Yelp review there says, but I’m glad we went.
Down the rickety, teeny tiny staircase:
One brew tank and three fermentation tanks:
IMG_2100 IMG_2102
IMG_2107 IMG_2109
After the tour we walked around downtown Portsmouth and shopped at a bunch of cool shops.
The first stop was LeRoux Kitchen (aka-heaven):
IMG_2111 IMG_2113
IMG_2117 IMG_2119
IMG_2120 IMG_2121
Our haul (parchment paper, honey peanut butter, sea salt, hot chocolate mix, and black truffle oil):
A Halloween chocolate:
IMG_2135 IMG_2138
Awesome little shop: Macro Polo
IMG_2141 IMG_2142
John found something he wanted: an umbrella katana
After an awesome day we headed home to get ready for the tailgate/BC football. Bye Bye Portsmouth!

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I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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