Recipe: The Best Taco Meat Filling

Hey girl, hey. It’s been a minute over here. Are blogs still a thing? Eh, not really. Like everyone else though, you can find me over on Instagram these days. It feels like blogging, but more accessible and with more spontaneity.

So why blog now? Well, I find when I’m in a food rut I go to my own blog to look up recipes. And this one is a keeper. Since I know I’m going to be searching for this one in the future, I thought I’d share it with you too.

Recipe: The Best Taco Meat Filling (yields 5 small servings)
32 oz. ground chicken
16 oz. can of refried beans
4 oz. can of green chiles
6 garlic cloves, minced fine
1 packet of taco seasoning

We all love Taco Tuesday, right? But sometimes it’s annoying to have multiple components to your meal that require individual prep, storage, reheating, dirty dishes, etc. This recipe appealed to me because it’s a one pan wonder!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Brown your ground meat over medium/high heat. You could use beef or turkey. I used chicken. Whatever floats your boat!
  2. When the meat is mostly cooked through, add in the minced garlic and the taco seasoning. Stir to combine thoroughly. Make sure to cook your meat to 165 degrees.
  3. When the meat is cooked through, add in the refried beans and chiles. Stir to combine thoroughly. If the mixture needs to be smoothed out, feel free to add in some water. I did – about 1/4 cup – but it’s not required. Cook together over low heat for 5-7 minutes.


That’s literally it! There are endless applications for this taco meat filling. You can craft a delicious taco salad like I did (see below). Some other ideas include:

  • Fill a traditional soft or hard shell taco and load up with toppings.
  • Smother it with cheese and make a yummy dip.
  • Layer between tortillas in a baking dish for a taco casserole.
  • Make stuffed peppers.
  • Roll it up in some tortillas and make enchiladas.
  • Top with an egg for a huevos rancheros situation.

No matter what you do I just hope you try this because it was delicious, spicy, healthy, filling, and easy!


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