Recipe: Loose Leaf Tea Arnold Palmer

Summer is the right time for Arnold Palmers. It’s the perfect summer drink because it’s cold, refreshing, and light (and can totally be made boozy too).

I recently went a little nuts at David’s Tea to treat myself for getting a poster accepted to an academic conference in November. TREAT YO’ SELF! I don’t know what kind of nut treats them self to tea and not something ultra fancy but it made me happy and that’s what treat yo’ self is all about. At David’s Tea I bought five new teas (including the one I used in this recipe, Pom Tango) and a cold brew iced tea pitcher.

Domestocrat’s Loose Leaf Tea Arnold Palmer (makes about 8 servings)
For the tea:
Your favorite loose leaf tea (I used David’s Tea Pom Tango)
A few cups of ice
For the lemonade:
2 lemons
1 lime
For the simple syrup:
1 cup water
3/4 cup sugar

My new cold brew iced tea pitcher.  Isn’t it purty?


This David’s Tea pitcher is made of BPA-free Tritan, holds 67 oz., lays flat for easy fridge storage, and has a fine nylon infuser core which comes apart for easy cleaning.


The David’s Tea Pom Tango tea is made of black tea, dried pomegranate, and dried mango. It’s sweet, fruity, luscious, and has a really mellow flavor.


To make the Arnold Palmer start first by making the tea. The instructions on this pitcher, and with basically all cold brew iced tea, are to add your tea to the infuser, fill the pitcher halfway with hot water (roughly 200 degrees), steep for 10 minutes, top off with ice, and that’s it! You can leave the infuser in the pitcher to steep to your desired strength and flavor. I steeped mine for probably 25 minutes.


While the tea is steeping, make the simple syrup. The standard recipe for simple syrup is usually one part water to one part sugar. I used a little less than one part sugar because I didn’t want to syrup to be too thick. You can make it either way you like. Simmer the water and sugar over medium-low heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a mason jar (or any airtight container), cool to room temperature, then store in the fridge for up to a week.


While the tea is steeping and the simple syrup is cooling, squeeze the lemon and lime juice into a glass. Pro tip: when hand squeezing juice I prefer to cut the citrus lengthwise. It’s so much easier to juice that way!


When the tea has finished steeping, the simple syrup has cooled, and the citrus has been juiced, gather all of the ingredients together. Pour the lemon/lime juice into the pitcher and top off with ice.


I added the simple syrup each time I poured myself a glass of the Arnold Palmer, rather than right into the pitcher. I wanted to control the amount in my drink and it was super easy with a separate mason jar of syrup. Just put as many spoonfuls of simple syrup that you want into your glass first, then top with the Arnold Palmer. I used about 3-4 teaspoon per cup.


Garnish with a little lemon and extra ice cubes and enjoy this summery, sweet, special treat!


(Products listed on my blog are never sponsored; I am in no way paid, given free samples, or told to say anything you just read. I have posted about David’s Tea products because I went out, purchased these items myself, and want to share my thoughts in a candid and informative way.)

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