Simple Snack: Veggies & Hummus

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Simple Snack #7 – Veggies & Hummus

I know veggies and hummus seems like the boring office party staple that no one eats, but they are truly one of my favorite snacks! If I can pick the veggies and flavor of hummus, that is. That’s the key right there.

When it comes to hummus, I like a little variety but nothing crazy (I’m not a garlic fan, really). My favorite flavors are Garden Vegetable and Spinach & Artichoke. Homemade hummus is a good way to go too. For the veggies, anything goes really – I love baby carrots, celery, sliced bell pepper, sliced squash, green beans, etc.

For this application I had baby carrots and Cedar’s Garden Vegetable hummus. What I really wanted to show you was my favorite way to store/transport this snack. I am currently in love with my wide mouth mason jar and Cuppow BNTO Lunchbox Adapter.


All you do is fill the mason jar with veggies, leaving enough room for the BNTO, fill the BNTO with hummus, stack the BNTO on top of the jar, and screw on the lid!



It’s super easy to use and so convenient, much like all of the Cuppow products! (I have the Cuppow Drinking Lid as well and I love it.) Another great thing is that the Cuppow Wide Mouth products work with a 16 oz./pint mason jar or the 24 oz. “tall boy” ones – so cool! This makes snacking on the go easier and definitely cleaner. I like that I can just screw the lid back on and wash the whole thing whenever I can later. Of course, using the BNTO isn’t just for veggies and hummus, the snack possibilities are endless!

(Products listed in Simple Snacks are never sponsored; I am in no way paid, given free samples, or told to say anything you just read. I have posted about this product because I went out, purchased this item myself, and want to share my findings in a candid and informative way.)

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