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Have you guys been watching the new season of The Voice?? It’s my favorite reality show! Definitely made even better this season with my girl Gwen Stefani on it. I can’t wait for the battle rounds to start tonight!


Smitten Kitchen is killing me with these Latke Waffles. I feel like you’ll be seeing my version of these very soon.


Tracy Cutchlow’s article on the Huffington Post about why some kids try harder and why some kids give up is a must read for parents and non-parents alike. Speaking as a non-parent, I think this totally applies to everyone. The way we speak to others, colleagues, kids, and even ourselves about learning all effects our beliefs about intelligence, perseverance, and motivation. Such an important lesson for all of us as life is a never-ending learning experience.


I don’t think this needs any explanation…



Check out this really nifty DIY magnetic clipboard chalkboard from A Beautiful Mess. Super creative and useful, and made with just a few materials!


Looks like I wasn’t the only one experiencing blogger burnout
The New York Times posted in late September about when blogging becomes a slog, then Design Sponge posted their reaction piece about blogging burnout totally in agreement about the pressures surrounding bloggers. And, as a follow up, just last Thursday Young House Love officially called it quits on their blog. So sad but so, so understandable.

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