The Best Cold Brew Iced Tea

One of my favorite stops on our San Francisco to Denver road trip was the tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, Colorado. We came home with obscene amounts of tea – a few boxes of Celestial’s Cool Brew included. We loved it so much we plowed through two boxes in a month and a half! When I placed an order online to restock our supply I knew I had to give it a little shout out here.

But first, let’s talk hardware, shall we?

Restocking our cold brew supply also encouraged me to rethink our tea pitcher situation. I ended up buying two new pitchers at Target: the Sterilite Twist & Pour 1 gallon pitcher. It’s big, easy to clean, and the lid is tight fitting.


Previously, we were using the Rubbermaid Mixer Mate 1 gallon pitcher (on the right) but when I noticed the inside of the lid and screwtop were growing mold, I threw them out immediately. They were very hard to clean and the lids always leaked anyway.


Since we enjoyed the Peach and Half & Half Cool Brew flavors so much, I placed an order on the Celestial Seasonings website for 6 boxes of each. It arrived in like 3 days, so impressed!


So much cold brew tea!


What I love about the Cool Brew is that it stays true to the ingredients of all Celestial Seasonings tea – natural herbal ingredients that are fresh and never artificial.


Making this cold brew couldn’t be easier – just fill the pitcher with water (our tap water in Somerville is pretty good, but you can use filtered, etc) and toss in the tea bags (I find 6 tea bags work best for 1 gallon). At the Celestial Seasonings factory we learned all about how they make their tea bags sustainably – in natural fiber bags that biodegrade/compost without any strings, tags, or individual wrappers, all reducing waste.


When the box says this cold brew is ready in 5 minutes, it’s absolutely true! I’ve never tried a cold brew that steeped so quickly. We love the Peach and Half & Half flavors the most so we’ll likely be sticking with those flavors. The Peach is a perfect blend of black tea and peach flavors, where the Half & Half is deliciously tart and lemony. A perfect summer staple, though we keep fresh iced tea in the fridge all year long – so I’m really excited we found this!


(Product reviews are never sponsored; I am in no way paid, given free samples, or told to say anything you just read. I have posted about this product because I went out, purchased this item myself, and want to share my findings in a candid and informative way.)

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