The Monday Mix

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As you may know, the 2014 Emmy nominations were announced last week. All in all a well deserved crowd, albeit predictable. However, I am really bummed Tatiana Maslany was not nominated for Orphan Black. (Though maybe I shouldn’t be?)


Must try these crispy eggplant parmesan subs from A Beautiful Mess! Maybe when it’s safe to turn the oven back on again though…


New research on how eating a nutrient-rich diet be good for emotional health and effect mood.


Dana Carvey recently performed the choppin’ broccoli song on Jimmy Fallon, and I all but died.


Could the Maker Movement start to show up in formal education for kids (beyond the wood shop classes from our parent’s generation)? This article has an interesting take on how kids can promote themselves and their skills by being the drivers behind this change. I’m all for this – why should kids be reduced to test scores and grades when the innovators and makers of the 21st century are anything but?


More on the age old career question of what’s better: being broke doing the job of your dreams or having a steady job and pursuing your passion on the side?

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