The Monday Mix

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I’m really digging this holiday manicure I’ve been rocking lately. It’s Essie’s Twin Sweater Set and Good As Gold, and Zoya’s Pixie Dust in Godiva.



Last week for dinner we made Iowa Girl Eats’ Black Bean Butternut Squash Quesadillas recipe. It was so good!


Healthy diets cost way more than unhealthy diets, right? Ehhhh, maybe not. Researchers (from my institution, very proud!) recently did a meta-analysis of the cost of food from 10 different developed countries, including the US. They found that across all 10 countries the difference between the cost of healthy natural foods vs. unhealthy processed foods was roughly $1.50/per day. What is done with this information, by policymakers, food assistance programs, etc., will be an interesting thing to watch in the future.


If Buzz from Home Alone had Instagram.


I am loving these painted wood ornaments that Young House Love made. I wish I had a saw to make something like this myself; I am all about rustic craftiness.


A new study evaluating organic milk produced in the US finds that organic milk has about 62% more omega-3s, compared to milk produced by cows on conventional dairy farms. An interesting find that may make you rethink your future milk purchases.

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