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The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) just created a new Instagram account to show the public the kinds of dangerous things they are confiscating on a daily basis in airports around the country. Um, holy crap.


Arnold Palmer Sorbet, whaaaat? Girl Cooks World is a genius.


Last week during the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, Rachel Jeantel took the stand to recount her phone call with Trayvon right before his murder. She said that he told her that a “creepy-ass cracker” was following him. She told Zimmerman’s lawyer that she didn’t think the phrase was racist but he argued that it was. Spinning off of that, NPR did a story on The Secret History Of The Word ‘Cracker’ which is a fascinating read.


Yelp recently created the Yelp Word Map which shows where words are used in reviews by location so you have a visual of where you can find pasta, bacon, or PBR (just a few examples) in your city. They have maps for 14 cities so far and the one for Boston looks pretty accurate to me. This is such a cool idea and just another way in which data visualization can hep simply an avalanche of information.


I’m totally obsessed with Sarah HeartsWashi Tape Paper Bag Bunting Garland. Isn’t it cute?


You know I love juicing as much as the next guy but I’ve always been a fan based on the health benefits, not for the wacky diet reasons. The Daily Beast published an article last week on what medical professionals have to say about the juice cleanse craze. Definitely worth a read!

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