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Rachael McKenna has spent 6 months in NYC taking photographs to put together a book called the New York Dog Project. The book will be a collection of dogs, their owners, and all of the places important to a New York Dog. Can’t wait for the book? You can check out tons of amazing dog photos right now on her blog.


Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream? The How Sweet It Is blog is killing me.


A government lab (Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico) recently revealed that they have been using a quantum network internet connection for two years. Not familiar with the quantum internet? Here’s a good explanation. It’s basically the most secure type of connection based on an applied quantum physics theory come to life. Fascinating stuff, and super important to the future of secure information technology.


As you’re reading this John and I are currently on the San Francisco leg of our CA to OR road trip so this is extra appropriate for today. Check out this interactive map of San Fran to read all about the history of why streets, landmarks, etc. were named the way they were.


Photographer Alan Sailer uses a high speed camera to capture images of an air rifle shooting pellets into things. Sounds obscure and a little crazy but the photographs are beautiful and intriguing. You can check out his work here and here. I’m completely in awe!


Check out this year’s Doodle 4 Google! It’s an annual contest for kids grades K-12 to create their own Google Doodle. The winners received educational grants and scholarships for college. I love looking through the finalist gallery – these kids are seriously creative. Check out the winner this week (on 5/23) – they will be featured as the Google Doodle for the whole day!

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  1. Oh if you’re in SF check out Foreign Cinema in the Mission, really good food/cocktails. Also did Gather in Berkeley & walked around the campus, so pretty!

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