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We ordered Showtime on Friday so we could start watching Homeland. Oh my god, so addicted.


I recently discovered the Golubka blog and am obsessed. The photographs are nothing short of brilliant. How gorgeous is their Rooibos Poached Pear Tart?


Last year NPR’s Fresh Air interviewed Charles Duhhig on his book The Power of Habit. I recently gave it a re-listen and needed to share how fascinating it was. Duhhig’s research and book focus on how personal and professional habits form and the ways we can change our behavior in order to break them. His hallmark example was his 3PM need for a cookie everyday. After tracing the cues and rewards of the 3PM cookie he discovered his craving wasn’t about the cookie or sugar at all, it was about the social interactions he had with colleagues in the cafeteria getting the cookie. This was such a good time of year to be reminded of the power that habits have over my life and my renew my resolutions to do something about them. I highly recommend listening to the interview and checking out his flowchart of how to change a habit.


Please tell me that you have watched Jerry Seinfeld’s webseries Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It is hilarious (the Alec Baldwin webisode is my favorite). It is also brilliantly edited and beautifully filmed. And it was just announced that he’s going to renew it for another year!



Ever think about embroidering bread?

Me neither but I find Catherine McEver’s work to be really unique.Click here to read more!


I am loving the article Erin (from Design for Mankind) wrote about the rebirth of slow blogging. I made a goal for myself to post one new blog every weekday and I have been going strong on that schedule for a few months. It’s a lot of work – to write, photograph, edit all of that content – but I love it (which is why I do it). I do think there is some merit though to slowing down, being thoughtful, and simplifying.

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