iPad Cover Sewing Class at Gather Here in Cambridge, MA

You already know how obsessed I am with my local craft store/crafty class mecca, Gather Here. I’ve taken an embroidery class, patchwork class, and zippered bag sewing class there so far and loved them all. I was really looking forward to this class to learn how to sew an iPad cover because I have been promising to make John one forever. For this post I’m not going to go over all of the exact details – the cover had some intricate instructions that are best understood in a hands on way, I think – but I do want to show you the general pattern and finished cover.

This class took place upstairs in the third floor Annex of Gather Here which I hadn’t been to before. It was so lovely – cozy, calm, and creative.


The pattern was really easy – two panels of fabric and one panel of thick interfacing. We started by cutting out the three layers.


I’m really excited that I got to keep my pattern because I am definitely going to make more of these in the future!


With the fabric and interfacing fused together, it was time to sew on my velcro closure. Have I mentioned before how much I love these Berninas? Swoon.


Basically the pattern called for an interior pocket and an exterior pocket and the final step was to nest the interior pocket into the exterior one. Easier done than described!


Here is my finished iPad cover! The fabric is by Lizzy House if you’re wondering. I’m obsessed with her stuff.


I think my cover came out really cute! It couldn’t have been simpler and only took about 2 hours to make.


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