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I bought this awesome t-shirt at the San Diego Saturday Market in California last week. It’s from the Locally Grown Clothing Co. who make these shirts to raise awareness of the locavore movement and to support local farm communities. The folks there were super nice and the shirt itself is really high quality cotton (super soft!).



I need to make these Salty Dark Chocolate Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies from A Cozy Kitchen immediately. Also, I love the super long recipe title for these cookies. I struggle with making my recipe titles really succinct but sometimes you just gotta indulge in the most descriptively delicious title for a recipe (even when it’s lengthy).


Salvatore Iaconesi, a 39 year old TED fellow and artist, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and took to the internet to look for an “open source cure.” Desperate for a second opinion, Iaconesi published his digital medical records online and has received 100+ professional medical opinions from doctors and researchers. So much focus is placed on the confidentiality of medical records in this country – it seems pretty amazing what this man was able to find when he made his public.


This is why I love the internet:


I know this giant wall-sized christmas tree over on Mr. Printables is for kids to color but I sort of want to print it out and do it myself. Is that weird?


Fun Fact: Samsung uses actual robot butts to butt test their phones.

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