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As you may know, Anthony Bourdain’s famed show, No Reservations on the Travel Channel, has ended. However, CNN has announced Anthony Bourdain’s new show (same deal essentialy: world travel and delicious food), Parts Unknown, will premiere in the Spring of 2013 starting in Myanmar and the Congo. Check out this brand new teaser for the show:


Sweet Cheeks, Boston’s BBQ darling, is the first restaurant for chef/owner Tiffani Faison (of Top Chef fame). She sat down with last week to talk about the restaurant’s first year in business. She’s great and Sweet Cheeks is great so if you’re a fan, this is totally worth a read.


You know those fun mini capsules with a sponge inside of them that expand to be a full size animal shape when placed in water? Well bioengineers at Harvard have used that concept to create an injectable sponge that can carry drugs, cells, etc. into the body, expanding once inside and slowly releasing into the body. Scientists hope that this new type of injection will aid in cell therapy, tissue engineering, cosmetic procedures, drug delivery, and immunotherapy. Check out the pictures at that link, they’re incredible!


I’m obsessed with the photographs in Wilma Hurskainen’s book Heiress. The composition is sublime.


How about something technically crafty? is a website and mobile app that allows you to have remote access of your desktop computer via your phone anywhere! There is a great write up on it over on Kevin & Amanda. This is something you should definitely check out!


You want to read some real talk? Check out Pete Wells’ New York Times review of Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Times Square. Ouch!

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3 thoughts

  1. Apparently, Bourdain is doing another season of The Layover on Travel Channel also. So he’s basically doing exactly what he was doing before.

  2. Used to? He now starts his live shows with a slide show on Paula Deen’s food complete with calorie counts and fat grams. I liked Devra First’s response to the whole Wells thing. Personally I think GF got what he deserved, but I can see how it seemed hyperbolic.

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