DIY: Safety Pin Bracelet

A few months back my friend Nicole and I started a list of all the crafty projects we wanted to do. At the top was a whole bunch of bracelets, specifically this safety pin bracelet from I Spy DIY. If any part of my tutorial is unclear, I highly recommend checking out theirs.

I kind of went a little nuts buying supplies.


You can’t craft in my house without a curious cat lurking nearby.


The materials you’ll need for this bracelet are pretty simple: jewelry pliers, a length of faux gold chain measured to fit your wrist (the circumference of your wrist plus 1/4 inch), two differently sized jewelry o-rings, and a mini gold safety pin.

With the jewelry pliers, affix the two o-rings on to each end of the gold chain.


Secure the safety pin on the end of the gold chain with the smaller of the o-rings.


Clasp the top of the safety pin to the end of the chain with the larger o-ring. The o-ring should slide between the upper notch in the safety pin. You can use the jewelry pliers to widen that space if need be. And that’s it – you made a safety pin bracelet!


Wear it by itself or stacked with a whole bunch of arm candy.


Author: Domestocrat

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