The Monday Mix

I’m super excited to introduce a new weekly feature on Domestocrat – The Monday Mix! The Monday Mix will be a weekly roundup in six different categories: something new, something delicious, something for your brain, something fun, something borrowed, and something blue. If you ever have suggestions for The Monday Mix, send them along!



My friends Will and Claire gave me this amazing cookbook, Portland Oregon Chef’s Table, for my birthday this past weekend. It boasts recipes from 60+ Portland based restaurants and food trucks. We all know how obsessed with Oregon I am, I can’t wait to be equally obsessed with the recipes in this book.



I went out for drinks with coworkers after work on Friday and had a delicious Rapscallion Honey Ale at The Squealing Pig. Rapscallion is a local brewery and their beers are top notch. Definitely give them a try if you see them in your favorite watering hole.



This weekend John and I saw Argo (which was amazing). The movie is based on a CIA case that was declassified in 1997. It made me curious about other declassified CIA cases. I found this really interesting page on the CIA website about the Freedom of Information Act which links to the CIA’s Special Collection of declassified cases, the Top 25 Requested Documents, and tons of other stuff. Pretty cool!


I need to have this Typewriter Waffle Iron.


I recently borrowed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn from our local library. I’m almost done reading it. Has anyone else read the book? It’s crazy.


Check out this amazing picture taken at Crater Lake in Oregon of a thunderstorm and rainbow over the lake. This picture is one entry (of over 20,000!) in the National Geographic 2012 Photo Contest © Duke Miller.


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  1. The Squealing Pig is where I did most of my college drinking. I celebrating my 21st there, and got very drunk on Magners.

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