Recipe: Bacon, Corn, and Red Onion Pizza

Every weekend we have what’s called Pizza Sunday in the Domestocrat household. I whip up some homemade pizza dough, we make a delicious pie, and watch TV together (recently it’s been Breaking Bad, Parks & Rec, and football). It’s my favorite part of the week and no matter how busy we get, Pizza Sunday is non-negotiable.

We normally always make the same pizza – cheese and a ton of crushed red pepper for me, a meat-palooza for John. Well, last week I wanted to change up Pizza Sunday and I had some great inspiration. My friend Nicole came over for some crafting and brought two ears of farm fresh corn. I instantly knew they were pizza bound.

Domestocrat’s Bacon, Corn, and Red Onion Pizza
1 batch of my homemade pizza dough
2 ears of corn, grilled
8 slices of bacon (one 12 oz. package)
1/2 red onion, cut into thin slices
1 cup sauce (any kind will do)
1 8-0z. bag shredded cheese (again, any blend will do)
2 tsp. dried Italian herbs
2 tbsp. yellow corn meal

Step 1: Make the pizza dough. Mix all of the ingredients together, place the dough in a greased bowl, cover with a towel, store in a warm place in the kitchen, and let rise for 3-4 hours.


Step 2: About 30 minutes before you plan to make your pizza, grill the corn. Set it aside to cool. Once it’s cool cut the kernels off the cob.


Step 3: About 15 minutes before you plan to make your pizza, cook up the bacon. I prefer to bake bacon if I’m cooking more than 2-3 pieces. It’s comes out perfect. Just bake on 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Drain on a paper towel lined cooling rack. When the bacon has cooled chop it into bite sized pieces.


Step 4: Prep all of the ingredients, place your pizza stone in the oven, and preheat to 500 degrees. (These are my instructions that I follow with my pizza stone and gas stove. If you have a different pan/oven/what-have-you, just prepare the pizza the way your normally would.)


Step 5: Sprinkle the corn meal on a flat surface and roll out the pizza dough. Place on top of the pre-heated pizza stone.


Step 6: Spread the sauce on the dough and the cheese on top of that.


Step 7: Time for toppings! Add the corn first…


…then the bacon…


…and finally the onion slices.


Step 8: Bake on 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has browned and the onions have crisped up.

Step 9: Let the pizza cool for 10 minutes, slice up, and enjoy!


Pizza Sundays are great no matter what…but I think they just got a little better.

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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