Last Meal On Earth

If you had to pick, what would your last meal on earth be?

You’ve been asked this before, right? It’s a great question; a perfect way to get to know someone, casual but substantive, intimate, playful, thought provoking, soulful. The intent of the Last Meal question isn’t to be morbid. On the contrary! It’s about happy moments, reliving the best in life, and has no right or wrong answer. I find the stories and reasons behind other people’s choices fascinating.

My Last Meal choices have changed dramatically throughout my life. When I was a kid I would have said Spaghetti-Os. When I was a teenager I would have said pizza and Dr. Pepper. When I was in college I would have said a burrito. But now that I am older, have traveled this country back and forth, and developed a more refined taste and appreciation for food, I think I now have a pretty great answer to this question. Here are my answers for every meal of the day:

Breakfast – Homemade Granola Bowl from Olive & Gourmando in Montreal, Canada


Lunch – The Turkey Reuben from Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Afternoon Snack – The Cheese Plate from The Observatory in Portland, Oregon (yep, I’ve been here twice and gotten the cheese plate both times – it’s just too good not to)


Dinner: Appetizer – The Potato Leek Soup at Simon Pearce in Quechee, Vermont (another item I get every time we go to Simon Pearce, it’s so delicious)


Dinner: Main Course – The Fried Chicken from Screen Door in Portland, Oregon


Dessert – Frozen Custard Sundae from Leon’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Honorable Mentions – If I had any room left or reason to squeeze in anything else my picks would go to the Hummus and Pita from Greek Gyros and Pastry in Missoula, Montana and the Chicago Mix Popcorn from Garrett’s Popcorn Shop in Chicago, Illinois.


What are your picks? Would you be able to make a list or is the decision too tough?

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

14 thoughts

    1. Its SO GOOD. I need to place an online order again.

      Portland is my favorite place on earth! I need to go back ASAP too. We’re planning a trip there for our 2nd wedding anniversary next year – we went there on our honeymoon and on our 1 year anniversary.

  1. Breakfast – bagel and lox plate from Bintliff’s in Portland, ME
    Lunch – Gyro from Greek Corner. Side of pita with hummus and tsasiki.
    Dinner – Appetizer – cheese plate from Sierra Grille in Northampton. Homemade guac with tortilla chips.
    Main course – I’m not sure but it would probably be some kind of pasta with red sauce. Or a burger with fries.
    Dessert – Again, not sure, but it would involve chocolate and peanut butter.

    Love your list!

      1. I thought of the burger I would want (yes, I actually spent time thinking about this last night): Buffalo burger with cheese and a fried egg on top with sweet potato fries from Burger Bar in Vegas.

  2. hi! I’ve come across you blog over the last few months. Love it!
    I have 1.5 days in Portland in October! Any suggestions about what part of town to stay in? I’ll also be happy to take general suggestions about things to make sure I don’t miss! I will of course be writing down the restaurants listed in the above blog post!

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