Restaurant Review: Clover Food Truck

IMG_4523Now that I have a new job, I’m working in a whole new area. When I first started my career I was working at a university in downtown Boston, right on Beacon Hill (home of the State House, Boston Common, the Public Garden, Cheers, the Granary Burying Ground, Park Street Church, and my favorite pub, the 21st Amendment). I loved that part of the city and will always have fond memories of it.

When I left that job I started a new one out in the suburbs. It was a big change from city working and commuting. It familiarized me with a whole new area: the ‘burbs bordering Boston to the southwest. However, my new job is back in Boston proper but in a part of the city I’ve not spent much time in. It’s a bustling area that I’m very excited to explore. Like all major pockets of Boston, it is clustered around a whole bunch of colleges, in this case: Harvard, Northeastern, Wentworth, MassArt, Simmons, Emmanuel, and the Mass. College of Pharmacy (not to mention the Museum of Fine Arts and all the major hospitals in Boston). So there’s one thing you can expect – great places to eat lunch. I’m slowly but surely going to tackle them all but I discovered a diamond within my first week of working here that I just had to share: the Clover Food Truck.

Clover has 11 locations all over the city of Boston. Business is booming for them, as it should be. Their menu has only about a dozen items on it but the selection is great and they execute each one perfectly.


I ordered a lavender lemonade to drink which was super refreshing and very lavendery! I had the rosemary fries on the side which were perfectly seasoned. The rosemary sprigs fried together with the fries were the perfect compliment.


I pulled up a spot on the grass right next to Clover to enjoy my lunch in the shade.


Last but not least I ordered the BBQ Seitan sandwich. For those who don’t know, seitan is a meat substitute made from wheat protein/gluten. The texture is great, chewy and meaty; the perfect meat substitute. I was introduced to it in college and have enjoyed it for the last 10 years. Clover’s BBQ Seitan sandwich is seitan marinated in BBQ sauce, mayo, green leaf lettuce, local tomatoes, caramelized onions, and Vermont cheddar cheese on fresh pita bread. It was delicious.


I really can’t wait to go back. Clover has so many great items I can’t wait to try – basil limeade, chickpea fritters, gazpacho, soy BLT, the list goes on and on!


What’s your favorite place to get lunch near where you work? Gone are the days of Panera for me, I think!

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

12 thoughts

  1. It’s all about the egg & eggplant plate which is usually super low carb (except for the hummus), and their iced coffee. Chickpea fritter plate is also good, especially since the veggie sides are also awesome. I love cafe pamplona (tortilla ensalada w/ white gazpacho), cafe sushi on mass ave (sashimi bento box on the lunch specials), dado tea (pesto tofu salad), life alive (the adventurer or green goddess subbing brown rice w/ quinoa with ANY smoothie, they are all freaking awesome), or Yenching’s beef and mushroom veggie plate. I’ll also hit up Darwin’s for the Hubbard Park on GF bread and a side of artichoke tomato salad.

  2. I love their food. Being a former microbiologist for food safety and food bacteria, my husband is shocked I have embraced any food truck. But I love the concept. These aren’t your momma’s canteen trucks.

  3. Clover’s rosemary fries are insane… and I love the lavender lemonade! (We are on the same wavelength!) I can’t believe they have 11 locations now. Still waiting for the semi-permanent one on Newbury Street behind the (now-defunct) Best Buy.

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