My 30 Before 30

I have always admired 30 Before 30 projects. It’s a Think Big exercise, bringing the joy of possibility into your life. I’ve often toyed with starting my own but never really got my act together. I then felt like I didn’t have enough time to devote to it and it might not be worthwhile. The 30×30 projects I’ve seen have really impressive long term goals (run a marathon, take an international vacation, pay off student loans, etc.) and I’m less than a year away. However, it was a persistent thought in the back of mind. I was at the gym yesterday and thought, why not? Why The Heck Not? Don’t hold back. A simplified 30 Before 30 could be just as useful to me and hopefully inspiring to you.

So, with 172 days to go, here is my very own 30 Before 30 Project:

  1. Donate to two charities
  2. Have a TV free week
  3. Swim in open water
  4. Plant something (and hopefully not kill it)
  5. Visit my sister, bro-in-law, and nephews in Richmond, Virginia
  6. Plan an entire surprise date day for my husband
  7. Buy new chef’s knives (I’m taking suggestions for this one!)
  8. Organize my memory box and create scrapbooks for the last several years
  9. Fully clean out my closet and donate clothes
  10. Advance my career (broadly stated for now)
  11. Express true gratitude to 10 people (friends, family, or strangers) in a meaningful way (visit, phone call, letter, email, card, etc.)
  12. Read 5 classics from the Modern Library Association’s 100 Best Novels list
  13. Buy 3 different vegetables I’ve never had before at the farmer’s market, create an original recipe using them, and post it on my blog
  14. Make 5 crafty things I’ve seen on Pinterest
  15. Play 5 board games I’ve never played
  16. Visit 3 museums
  17. Watch 5 documentaries
  18. Eat 1,400 healthy calories per day for one week
  19. Exercise every day for one week (really exercise, like with an elevated heart rate)
  20. Combine the previous two for one week
  21. Sew a dress
  22. Host a Ladies Only dinner party
  23. Take a cross stitch/embroidery class
  24. Clean out our basement
  25. Install a backsplash in our kitchen
  26. Compile my own personal Best of Boston list
  27. Listen to all of my favorite band’s albums, with intent not just in the background, start to finish (it’s R.E.M. and they have 15 full studio albums)
  28. Hike at The Fells 10 times
  29. Reorganize the Recipes page on my blog
  30. Take pictures of as many of these 30×30 projects as I complete them and post them on my blog

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

34 thoughts

      1. They’re a little bit of an investment but well worth it. I tried a bunch of knives when buying and that one felt the best in my hand. I found out after the fact that it’s the same brand that Alton Brown uses, so you’d be in good company. :)

        1. Well, now I’m sold! ;) You and another foodie friend recommended that brand and I totally trust you guys. I’m definitely going to do some research on what they have and figure out what we need.

        2. I can echo this sentiment about shun too – expensive, but totally worth it. I use my 6″ santoku knife every day, and it makes food prep a joy.

  1. #17. May I recommend “Unforgivable Blackness”? It was on PBS a few years ago. Brilliant.

    #23 Counted cross-stitch is my hobby so I could teach you if you wanted. My mom taught me to embroider years ago, and I remember a few things. My first sampler was from my Samantha doll’s American Girl collection. I still have it somewhere.

    1. #17 – Yes, thank you! (Also, I love Ken Burns)
      #23 – Right, your cross-stitch work is exquisite. I may take you up on that! I was looking at classes at Gather Here but they fill up so fast.

  2. Sadly, I think the hardest thing on this list is #2. At least for me. That’s… kind of depressing. Love this list!

  3. Hi, I stumbled across your blog on the front page of (got sucked in when I saw a review of The Happiness Project, I loved that book & your thoughts on it). I’ll definitely be checking out more of your posts. Anyway I just wanted to say that I love this “30×30” idea and I’m totally going to copy it on my own blog. ;) Thanks!!

  4. For #7 – They are inexpensive (compared to other good knives) but I love my Victorinox, my go-to knife is their santoku, and I have a 10 inch chef, their boning knife and paring knife, all with the fibrox handles. They aren’t as glamorous as the Shun, but they are well balanced and awesomely sharp. The Santoku and Chef knives run about $30 a piece on Amazon

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