Our Move & First Look at the Condo

Well, we’re all moved in to our new home! Let’s go back though to before the move…

John and I had a strategy – move all of our belongings in boxes, bags, etc. ourselves and leave the heavy lifting (i.e. furniture) to the professionals. As we packed we put all of the things we’d be moving ourselves into the office of our apartment. The room was packed by the end, it was a little daunting.


But over the course of last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we moved several loads over in our UHaul rented cargo van and somehow got it all into our condo.

Speaking of the condo, let’s have the first look shall we?! Here it is in all of it’s sunny, unfurnished glory.

This is the bedroom and the office/guestroom:


Kitchen (stainless steel appliances and granite countertops!):


The bathroom:


Our front porch and back porch, respectively: (yup, we have two!)


Our combo living/dining room:


Our moving strategy was the same for the condo: bring everything into one room to keep the insanity contained and out from underfoot. The office/guestroom was designated for that:


And we had some spill over into the kitchen…(how do we have so much STUFF?!)


Finally it was Saturday and our movers hauled all of our furniture up to our second floor condo (including our couch and box spring that had to go up over the back balcony, yikes) and the empty spaces started to fill up quick.


After a lot of work on Saturday and Sunday we finally got the floor cleared for now. So we can walk around at least.

One thing we wanted to get done ASAP was to figure out where the couches would go. We originally planned for them to go in the front of the house near the porch door and windows but after moving the couches around (in endless combinations at 10:30PM after an exhausting day) we ended up with them on the opposite side of the room.


On Sunday we bought these lovely stretch slipcovers at Target. We wanted to get them on before Reggie’s arrival to the house. They are so comfy and soft, a little spendy but well worth it.


Another major accomplishment was that we have the bedroom set up and liveable for now.


And by Sunday afternoon we had reduced the Room of Unpacked Boxes to this:



Have I mentioned I’m completely exhausted?!

One more thing – I started to create a list on Yelp of all the vendors that contributed to our first time home buying experience if anyone wants to check it out.

More to come!

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

16 thoughts

  1. Cool! Are you guys near the red line or green line? We have 2 porches also, overlooking the bike path. So awesome in the spring, late summer and fall!

    1. How lovely! We’re on Winter Hill. Close enough to the Red Line and we’ll be a few blocks away from the Green Line when it comes (in 2018 or whenever it is now!).

  2. Hi there! I was SO excited to see your move! I was at Disney World for a week, so I was unable to comment with any regularity. I love the new place – the hard wood floors, granite counter tops…delightful! Also – your move-in strategy was genius!

    Your projects are going nicely and you’re settling in very quickly! Thanks for keeping us updated!

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