Recipe: Muesli Bars

Remember my 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating post? Well this recipe for muesli bars is extra important because it incorporates 3 of those foods! (And I’m thinking I could incorporate 3 more into the recipe.) The more you can combine any of those 10 foods into one dish, the better!

I got the idea and recipe from this post over at the Daily Garnish. I followed her recipe exactly so surf over there to check out the details.

These muesli bars are perfect! Buttery and the perfect balance of savory and sweet. Seriously, they taste like scones but have absolutely no garbage in them!

Muesli Bars Recipe
Follow over at the Daily Garnish
My only modification I made was the addition of 1 tbsp. of lemon zest


I love my coffee grinder. And I don’t even drink coffee! Mine is used exclusively for grinding seeds and nuts. Pictured below is ground almonds for almond flour then ground flax seeds:



First, combine all of your dry ingredients together:


Second, stir in all of your mix-ins:
(I used dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and almonds but you can use whatever you like!)


Finally, combine your wet ingredients in a separate bowl:


Stir to combine thoroughly. This mixture should be damp and sticky but not soaked.


Press your mixture into a greased baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, rotating once at the 10 minute mark.


My muesli bars came out browned and perfectly toasted with a slight crunch.


This was the perfect portion for 5-6 individually wrapped muesli bars to bring to work for breakfast!


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