Recipe: Chile Oil

I’ve been preoccupied with thoughts of chile oil lately. Maybe it’s because John’s organizing a pizza crawl and the first stop is Posto, which has the best table chile oil. It’s divine on their already perfect pizzas. Maybe it’s also because I’ve been stir-frying like crazy and need a creative new twist to my olive oil and red pepper flake routine. But it’s mostly because it’s downright delicious. The light and savory flavor of olive oil paired with a spicy zing from the peppers, yum! Plus chile oil is a great way to infuse more flavor into your food without adding calories or anything unhealthy. Plus, I think as I get older I like spicy foods more and more.

Chile Oil
2 arbol chiles
5 peppercorns
1/2 tsp. red pepper flake
1/2 tsp. minced garlic
1 cup EVOO


Combine all of your ingredients in a small pan. Heat on low for 20 minutes. The garlic will fry and bubble a bit, that’s good. Kill the heat and then let the oil sit for 30 minutes.


When it’s cooled strain out the garlic, peppercorns, and red pepper flake. Pour into an airtight container. Keep the chiles in there though. And actually, I added a pinch of fresh red pepper flake back into the oil.


Store your oil in a cool, dry place. It should keep for at least 2 weeks but probably up to a month. I’ll report back on that.


My favorite uses for chile oil: drizzle on pizza, use as a base for salad dressing or vinaigrettes, stir fry veggies in, stream into dips or guacamole, or rub on to chicken or fish before baking.

What are your favorite uses for chile oil??

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

6 thoughts

  1. I love this. I had chili oil on my grocery list, but after reading your recipe, I realize I already have everything in the house I need. Thanks for saving me the trip!

  2. I just made hot and sour soup because I have a cold, and I used a ton of chili oil. Perhaps it’s time to make a batch of it myself! It looks pretty easy. Do you think it would work the same with sesame oil?

    1. Not sure since sesame oil is pretty heady but it’s worth a shot! Especially if you heat it all up first. You may want to simmer for longer than 20 minutes? And maybe add more chiles.

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