Taza Chocolate Factory Tour

John and I are both Elite members on Yelp which means we get invited to Elite only events, receive special deals, and get to do all kinds of awesome stuff around the city for free (incentives baby!). This Tuesday Yelp had an Elite event at the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville. It was one of the best Elite events yet!

Taza Chocolate is an amazing local business, sourcing their cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, pouring love and organic fair trade ingredients into all of their products. They are all about sustainability and being green.

The factory tour was incredible. It’s one of very few that will actually let you on the production floor in the entire U.S. The equipment is very cool – mostly vintage, from Mexico, or items they purchased, deconstructed for shipping, and had to put back together in the factory. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and highly detailed in their descriptions of the chocolate making process. Batches are small ensuring the highest quality.

The whole experience at Taza left me with such a good feeling about what they do. I am totally committed to them as a customer and neighbor. Not to mention all of their products are delicious! The 70% dark chocolate is my absolute favorite.

On to the pictures!

Factory Tour:

IMG_3818 IMG_3857

Awesome hair nets!


Unprocessed cacao beans from the Dominican Republic:


Bean roaster and main chocolate making room:



Taza molds:




The warehouse:


Samples for the Yelp Party:



The 70% Dark Chocolate was my favorite!



Awesome Taza Products:




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