Seattle Trip & Wedding Recap


John and I got home from Seattle late Saturday night. It was a quick trip – Thursday through Saturday – but super fun!

John and I arrived at around 1PM, got our rental car, checked in to our hotel, and unpacked. We then headed downtown to Pike Place Market (separate post coming soon on that!) and afterward checked out the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market.

Queen Anne Farmer’s Market:

IMG_1347 IMG_1354

A mobile coal fired oven!


We got a smoothie from the Juice Peddler – the blender is attached to a bike and you pedal to make your own smoothie! How eco-chic! John pedaled his heart out and we enjoyed our smoothie in the downpour.

IMG_1361 IMG_1363

IMG_1366 IMG_1369

Later that night we were off to Matt & Danielle’s rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal went smoothly and they decided last minute to pull the wedding inside because Friday looked like rain. It is Seattle after all. Sidenote: We were there for 3 days and saw the sun for a total of 2 hours. I love, LOVE Seattle but could never live there.

The happy couple: Matt & Danielle


Matt with his groomsmen: Brian & John


The whole groom’s party:


Wedding Day! View of the Space Needle from the wedding site, Alki Beach.


Lovely place settings (that I set up the morning of):

IMG_1394 IMG_1396

The Wedding!

IMG_1402 IMG_1404

IMG_1405 IMG_1441 IMG_1447

Yup, there was a bear. It was hilarious and awesome (and the bride’s brother).

John doing his MC duties:


Delicious BBQ provided by Jasper’s:


John enjoying his food:




Best man speech:


Time for cupcakes! They were from Trophy Cupcakes and were out of this work. My coconut snoball one was sweet and cakey but not too rich. Plus, how cute, right?


IMG_1476 IMG_1487

First dance:


The groom’s party all took off their button down shirts during the reception to reveal superhero shirts!


All in all it was a wonderful time. The wedding was intimate, magical, and full of love. I can only hope for the same vibe on our wedding day. Congrats Matt & Danielle, I love you guys and wish you all the best!

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