Recipe: Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies

I officially joined the digital age last week when I figured out how to use Google Reader to aggregate all the blogs I obsessively read. There’s, like, a lot of them so to have ’em all in one place is a real time saver for me. Win!

You can imagine my delight then when this recipe for chewy molasses chocolate chip cookies popped up from Joy The Baker. She’s amazing, creative, funny; totally up there with the rest of my favorite lady food bloggers (Smitten Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Bakerella). Annnnd I’d been looking for an excuse to finish off the rest of that brick of butter we got from the Cabot Creamery in Burlington, VT.

And hooboy did the butter make the difference. These cookies came out flat, chewy, and buttery. Worth it.

I set up shop in the kitchen like this: lappy, recipe, and tunes. Anyone else do this?

I followed Joy The Baker’s recipe almost exactly except that I divided the flour in half, using AP unbleached flour and whole wheat flour. So you should follow her recipe, I can’t credit it as an original creation anyway plus you should check out her site.

I made my own brown sugar like she says to!

I sift my flour too like a good baker. It really does make all the difference. The dough is finer, lighter, smoother in the end. Only sift for baking though, for bread I like my dough more rustic and less fine.

Mmmm, molasses goo.

Mmmm, molasses goo with chocolate chips. These were the generic brand I had in the pantry. Next time I will absolutely experiment with a chocolate chunk or different brand. These came out wonderfully but the chocolate quality could have been better.

Smitten Kitchen advises her readers to scoop cookie dough with a disher so I do.
(OK, fine, it’s a #20 ice cream scooper. Alton Brown says disher so now I say disher. It’s like going to the UK and then saying flat or loo when you get home. It feels exotic and exclusive. If this mini paragraph says anything about me it’s that I’m a good lemming.)

Tip: I chilled my dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes prior to baking. I also tossed it back in between batches as well. This helps the dough firm up and be more manageable when you’re scooping and handling.

I baked my cookies on two cookie sheets, one lined with parchment paper and one lined with our silpat. Both produced a good result but I really do prefer the parchment paper. I baked them on two racks at a time, rotating after 5 minutes and taking them out after about 9-10 minutes. They looked and felt a little gooey but the bottoms were browned, after cooling on a cooling rack they set up perfectly.

Go forth and nom.

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