Top 10 Songs For Doing Cardio v 5.0


I’ve recently added a bunch of new tunes to my Best Cardio Songs playlist on Spotify!

I love changing up this playlist; if my gym jams are stale, my workouts will be too. Having an eclectic mix of genres on my playlist is important to keeping it fresh. You’ll see all kinds of music on here including hip hop, rock, rap, EDM, pop, indie, etc.

Some of the original tunes have stayed (from my firstsecond, and third playlist posts), and some have changed – but the following new group of 15 have all been added. Hopefully this will kick start your current cardio playlist!

1) Pull-Up – Jason Derulo (listen)

Jason’s stint as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance this year totally reinvigorated my obsession with him. His new album didn’t hurt either – it’s so fun! This song has a great beat and always gets me moving.

2) Can’t Bring Me Down – Awreeoh (listen)

Did you see the movie DOPE? It might have been the best movie I saw in 2015. The movie is about three LA teens obsessed with 90’s hip hop culture trying to make it through high school to college. The whole soundtrack was done by Pharrell Williams, including the songs that the teens’ punk band (Awreeoh) perform in the movie, and it’s excellent. This is one of those tunes and it’s awesome!

3) Heaven On Earth – Steve Aoki (listen)

I love Steve Aoki’s collaborations and beats – he always comes up with the perfect combinations in his music. The build up in this song is great for cardio.

4) Fourth of July – Fall Out Boy (listen)

This is the song I put on when I’m ready to go beastmode in my workout. This song makes me MOVE. It’s super high energy and makes maintaining my peak heart rate that much easier.

5) The Night Is Still Young – Nicki Minaj (listen)

Anything Nicki does is perfection to me. This song is upbeat, dancey, and I love the lyrics.

6) OMG – Usher (listen)

This song always feels like my own personal cheering squad with the “oooooh”s in the background. Super fun and awesomely Usher.

7) Drum Machine – Big Grams (listen)

This song is my latest obsession. Big Grams is the musical collaboration between Big Boi and Phantogram. The trio is random but totally works in the most perfect of ways. Once you put this song on, you will instantly feel like a badass.

8) WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliott (listen)

THE QUEEN IS BACK! If this is a preview of what’s to come with Missy’s return, I am ecstatic.

9) All The Way – Milkman/Timeflies (listen)

Randomly stumbled upon this song but I love the energy. It’s great turned up nice and loud.

10) First Time – Icona Pop (listen)

I’ve been a huge Icona Pop fan since they first came out and their latest EP doesn’t disappoint. This is my favorite song off it and it’s great fun to work out to.

11) Keep You On My Side – CHVRCHES (listen)

CHVRCHES is one of my favorite bands and their music is awesome for any occasion, including working out!

12) GDFR – Flo Rida (listen)

This song just makes me smile. Going down for real!

13) Booty – Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea (listen)

Want some workout motivation? Watch the Booty video! Twerk alert! Also, listen to the song – it’ll make you go HAM on the elliptical.

14) This Disaster – New Found Glory (listen)

Been an NFG fan for over 15 years. They rock so hard and always give their music and performances 100%. This song is relentless in its awesomeness and toughness!

15) Time Of Our Lives – Ne-Yo & Pitbull (listen)

Gets you moving from the first note. Great beat; super fun gym jam!


Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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