Looking Towards 2012

It seems unimaginable that 2011 is winding down. I know this year flew by because of our wedding and then buying our first home, but it feels like I wrote my Looking Towards 2011 post just yesterday. As I mentioned in that post, I don’t really believe in resolutions. I believe in overall success more than small blips of it. In a lot of ways 2011 was simply steady, nothing changing and nothing needing to. Staying steady can sometimes be the best thing especially when there are lots of changes happening to you (a wedding, a house, etc.) I consider 2011 to overall be successful even in the face of so much newness.

However 2012 is going to, and needs to be, the Year of Balance for me. Despite staying steady, I haven’t exactly stayed in balance. Priorities have waned, work took over for a while, motivation has been pretty low. Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point recently posted about a situation that is all too familiar:

“We sat and talked about how hard it is to pursue big dreams when you aren’t even totally sure what those dreams look like and still have to juggle the everyday junk.  She commented that so many people leave inspiring conferences…thinking, ‘Okay! I am going to CHANGE MY LIFE NOW!’ but then they get home and there are dirty dishes in the sink, and just like that, you fall back into your old patterns and never make any changes.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to flip the switch; to desire something, to make the time for it, and to make it happen. I have such good intentions 95% of the time, if I could just translate that into something actionable…

I do my best when I have a visual. When I can look at something and be reminded of it as constantly as I need to until it sinks it. So I drew up a little inspiration word cloud of sorts for myself. The point is to remember my goal (balance) and all the things I can do to help me achieve it. I plan to put this up pretty much everywhere (my office, car, bedside, etc).

What are your goals for 2012? What will help you get there? How do you remind yourself all year long of your goals?

Author: Domestocrat

I'm a lady who enjoys photography, football, cooking, long drives with the windows down, This American Life, kettlecorn, hot yoga, pop punk, my nephews, my cat Reggie, and my home: Boston.

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  1. This is a great post. I have been stewing over my 2012 goals. They involve cooking, health, activity, travel, balance (as you wrote) and accountability for my goals….I don’t know how I’m going to keep myself motivated, but I’m still in the thinking stages!

      1. Motivation seems to be the biggest challenge for most of us. It does seems that excitement helps to increase that though. A physical action plan with goal steps listed does help to imrpove that, even on the things we would rather not do. I am a procrastinator by nature, so I struggle with doing EVERYTHING needed. The “yucky” stuff is what I alwasy put off. So having a list to check off helps with that. And using a visual like your cloud is a great way to engage the ego into helping us achieve our goals. We have to physically make the list (ego function) and look at it with our eyes (also ego function). The more we enegage both sides of our Human Being, the more easily we succeed. that is why vision boards are so useful too.
        I am planning on shifting from working full time in an office to full time as a writer/coach this year. I might have to work part time for insureance, but by this time 2012, I will be earning most of my income through book sales, coaching, work shops and in-home parties! (and for those of you reading this, I did not say “hopefully” b/c I want the Universe to know I am committed to that goal so it can send me all the energy I need to make that happen. If I doubt it at all, then I am sending a mixed signal, which means I will get conflicting results.) I coach people in increasing their personal power through boosting the unseen energy that connects us all.
        Fantastic Post and well deserved FP!!!! Keep up the good work and beautiful photos! :) AmberLena

  2. 2012 is the year I will release my first book.

    (*fingers crossed!*)

    I agree about needing a visual, however. So I keep my blog stats front and center, reminding me that I have amazing, engaged readers. And I have a creepy baby doll on my desk that inspires me to keep my head down and keep writing, lest I have to look it in the eyes. That’s a gift from my 9-year-old daughter. ;)

    Best of luck in achieving your goals!

      1. Role goals
        House: to have new bathroom fitted and central heating done
        Health: to be physically and mentally healthier
        Work: to be fully active and happy member of the work team
        Family: more social contact and take a back step regarding problems
        Finances: to keep a tighter grip on my finances
        Social: to go out more often at least 6 times in the year
        Relationship: to continue to grow as a couple
        Me: to increase my confidence and motivation levels
        Goal planner: to be more focussed and set more relevant stronger goals
        Fun One: to pursue other hobbies and interests other than watching TV
        I got split my life up to get anything done.

  3. I tried for balance in 2011. I’m trying again in 2012. I think I’m quite a bit older than you and I can assure you that it never gets any easier. I used to think that when I was younger – that it would be easier when I was older. Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    1. Both angrymiddleagewoman and I are trying to quit grousing at people lacking intelligence. Well….she is…I’m feeling guilty and consoling myself with chocolate before 2012 resolutions start.

  4. Hi Domestocrat:

    I’m still working on my goals for 2012, but what I find helpful to stay on track is to tell others about my goals so that they can keep me accountable (or at least I feel accountable to them). I also write an inspirational blog based on quotes I find from inspiring authors to help keep me motivated. They’re my cheering squad and booster team and sharing their words of wisdom not only helps me but my readers too. If you’re interested you can check out my blog at http://thestillspot.wordpress.com/.

    Thanks also for the vegetarian chili recipe. I look forward to trying it out!

    Wishing you much peace, love and joy for 2012!

  5. Love this post. I understand about balancing your life, and such. :)

    For me, it’s learning new skills. Just because I can’t find a job – it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything. I should take advantage of my time and learn so much…while I still have the time. :)

  6. For 2011, financially balanced out evenly, healthy wise balanced out positively (by two pounds). For 2012 goal is to do other way around. Of course with support from Dow & Gym.

  7. LOVE this! it’s time to make things happen…that’s how i feel about my life. 2012 will be there year! thanks for sharing.

  8. I pretty much need to look at those words everyday!! Sometimes, the end of the year brings a certain emotional ‘outburst’ of sorts- where my feelings demand attention (yes, not pleasant to be around) but then once it flushes out I have the time/energy/desire to devote to such great words like the ones you posted in here!! Thank you for sharing,

  9. *High five.* I have themes for the year too! And yes, I must agree, they work way better than resolutions…So far, my themes have been Process (2010), Action (2011), and I’m thinking of Simplicity for 2012…haha. Thanks for sharing! =)

  10. Being in graduate school = the opposite of a balanced life! The mantra I borrowed for the coming year is “Simplify, simplify”. This was a great post – it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one out there who needs a visual reminder to keep things in perspective. :)

  11. This is EXACTLY my new year’s resolution – to find balance. Hopefully once I have that down, everything else will eventually fall into place. In fact, making the most of 2012 is the exact subject of my own blog. Will be interested to check back here and see how you’re getting on with your own resolution – good luck!

  12. Maybe I could write a post “How to fail miserably – AGAIN at resolutions”; you would think I would have given up by now, but what fun would that be ( & I really like the name, Domestocrat)

  13. Balance is tough, the best of luck with that. My goal is to be more engaged with work, and more fit and athletic. I think I’m off to a good start winding down 2011.

    Congrats on the FP!

  14. this is my goal everyday, and it’s so hard to do. never let a day go by without creating something, and always be working towards the goal of acting in a manner that i would like to be a statement of who i am. to be honest about those actions vs the ideals and whether or not they match up. i’ve found one truth regarding balance, along with love and happiness. those three things will always elude you when you search for them. those same three things come finding you as soon as you start to live the life you’re supposed to be living.

  15. Good post. Since I spent too much of 2011 unemployed, I had time to look for balance. Unfortunatly, I kept throwing my entire self behind random plans and getting demoralized by a lack of results. Finally, I broke my life down into different areas I’m working on and different ways of finding work or making money. I wrote out an assignment sheet with deadlines for each area so I would know what I was doing and in what order to do it in. Finally, I got a seasonal retail job. My goals for 2012 are to find a steady job and try to get my foot in the door in my field. I remind myself that big goals are accomplished by breaking them down into smaller sub-goals and specific steps.

  16. Awww! This struck me at the very core of my guilt! Haha! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. It’s time to put things (set goals) in action! :)

  17. That’s true-we generally have good intentions but the things stuck up bring us back to the old patterns. To get over it, we need to put in some additional time in getting stronger over the things stuck-which can be either by planning or overcoming the things that pull us back. A bicycle paddled little harder in the beginning promises a smooth ride later. So wish you a productive and balanced year 2012!!!

  18. 2012 Physically may be new. In reality it is the continuum of 2011. But we have one possibility; we can leave whatever we have tried for the sake of trying. If we apply the lessons of 2011, of course 2012 will be much better. We shall strive for that.

  19. I’m still stuck in figuring out how to live day to day, but I’m working on figuring out how to go “long-term” in my thoughts. At the urging of my girlfriend, I wrote a five year plan– 2012 will be the year I learn if I can settle into trying to achieve long term goals without losing track of the day to day minutia that makes up my life.

  20. I love that your resolutions aren’t specific in the way that most are – with numbers and quotas and such, but still specific in the kind of change you want to make in your lifestyle. I’d always just imagine this form to be way too vague and impossible to measure, but I’m rather liking the way you presented it. Good luck and learning from you for 2012! :)

    1. That’s why I don’t really like resolutions – they are too specific and too easy to fail at. Also I think balance is more of a feeling of wellness rather than pounds on the scale or dress sizes, you know? Thanks!

  21. Balance is such an apt expression for what we all crave when we make new years resolutions or goals for the new year. It’s a great thing to strive for and best of luck! Congratulations, 2011 was certainly a big year for you!

  22. I only ever generally give myself one goal to focus on to start the new year with. This coming year is ‘try new things’, and I’m going to stretch myself as far as possible – whether it be food, sports, adventure, charity… as long as I haven’t done/tried it before, it is going on my list. I said I was taking suggestions… this could be the perfect opportunity for abuse!

    Great post by the way!

  23. Well, this caught my eye on Freshly Pressed and am glad I dropped in! Though I am at a different stage in my life (and remember well the stage at which you are!), the message till resonates. I read one the book by the CEO of Starbucks, “It’s Not About the Coffee” (fun read btw), and I loved that he had great quotes that inspired him written in Sharpie all over his office walls. You reminded me of that image with this post and your word cloud :)
    I wish you every success.
    My goal for 2012 is simply more “me” time. I believe I have earned it!

  24. Hi,
    love this post! You really inspire me! My name is Mia, I’m from Norway and I sure will keep reading your blog, you seem like a very good person!

  25. I think it’s hard for everyone to hit that switch and put desire to action. I think to accomplish a goal, break it down into small manageable steps. Momentum builds.

    2012 is supposed to be a HUGE year for me. My goal is to head off into the next chapter of my life by moving aboard for a few years to teach English, re-connect with my home country, and to “find myself.”

  26. Great post! I’ve just written a list of my plans for 2012 on my blog too, and i love your idea of a visual aid, so I might create one for myself. Balance is something of a long term aim for me too, between all of my roles – mother, employee, wife, friend, relation – and being just myself too. Good luck with 2012, you have a new follower in me…

  27. Thanks for this post, made me look at the prospects of the new year in a different light. Too much bad news here in Europe is making a lot of people pessimistic but there is that need to look at life differently and balance is key.

  28. 2011 here and gone! Looking into 2012 is very exciting and balance is a good starting point. 2010 and 2011 just flew by…my wife and I graduated chiropractic school 12/09, moved back in Indiana, Started working on a business plan/wedding plans, got married in August 2010 and moved to Indianapolis 2 days later, opened our chiropractic office in January 2011 and here we are almost a year later. Phew!

  29. my goal for years has been to find a new job. i’ve been unhappy at my current one for so long. i try and i try, but it never seems to enough (to find something else that is). i always get distracted with more interesting things, like blogging or baking, etc. and then i think, maybe i don’t have to be happy at my job if i was happy with the rest of my life. but then i spend more than 40 hours a week at work and that’s a long time not to be happy. so here i am, at the end of this year, still in the same place. a friend of mine suggested doing a vision board with things i want to do and have, maybe that will be the start of something new for 2012.

  30. Love, life,happiness, and balance are yours whenever you look within with gratitude. There is no need to search for material or outer replacements, they fade. But, living your life passionately is the true secret each and every day regardless of the year.

    My 2012 goals are to exercise and eat properly so I restore my healthy, sexy body, to sell the remainder copies of Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! and to plan a mortgage burning party for September. My daily ritual to achieve these goals include self-awareness connected to each active step such as budgeting, exercising, and writing/marketing.

    Thank you for posting such pivotal questions.

  31. Hi there! Love this post. I am so on the same page as you, except my 2012 will be my Year of the Detox. I am setting goals that will be changes in my life and aiming to form some lasting habits. A lot of stuff got side tracked on my way to the wedding aisle in 2011, including my search for health, so I’m committed to success this year, I’m going to blog about my journey to share and to keep myself honest.
    I love the idea of a visual reminder…I’ll have to work on that!

  32. I’m a big fan of having quotes and inspirational notes in obvious places – it helps to maintain consistency in heading toward goals.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  33. I have been learning the importance of balance in life myself during 2011. One of my more recent posts shows the steps already taken in addressing the work / life balance. (http://wp.me/p2088R-2c)
    This is freeing up time for all the things I would like to do. Having achieved my goal of working up to Reiki Master Pracitioner this year I have my sights set on learning Hypnotherapy next year.
    Good luck and may 2012 bring you the balance you seek and the ability to maintain it.

  34. Good topic. Balance is one of my objectives daily. But like so many have said, with reality and the stresses of daily life, sometimes it is hard to accomplish. I love your pic of Balance. I use the acronym for Balance:
    B = Be yourself
    A = Act as if
    L = Love yourself first, then others
    A = Ask for help when needed
    N = Never give up
    C = Choices-make good choices
    E = Enjoy today-because tomorrow is not promised
    God bless you, Sally

  35. Great post. This post made me think what are my goals for 2012. Firstly, i will be part of this freshly pressed list at least for once. Then i will try to complete writing my first book. Then as always i will try to set some better goal for 2013 by doing those stuffs in 2012 which i never tried before.

  36. Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Your life sounds a bit like mine ….. I got married and we bought our first home, plus moved to a new city, all in a year’s time. Wow!

    In 2011, I made a pretty long “bucket list of sorts” – achieved some, never attempted others – and I’m tweaking it a bit for 2012. Looking forward to a new year with new opportunities and possibilities. Good luck and congrats! :)

  37. It’s only 2 times i had written resolutions welcoming a new year. One for myself and then second one i have been asked to write for the company i was working. I always wonder why i gave priority to the second one. :-) I wish you good luck!!!

    In the action packed year 2012;
    I wish to have more love, peace and me engaging in more writing and starting a new job & family.
    Definitely should think about saving money, health and friendship this time. :-)
    Thanks WordPress for making it possible to comment you Domestocrat. God bless.

  38. What an inspiring post. I am 47 years old and I still don’t know what the heck I am going to do with my life. I always have the best of Intentions, but somehow I still wind up Jacking up the year.

  39. I adored the sentence: “I believe in overall success more than small blips of it.” Agreed! I find that if I focus too much on one thing at a time, I become too wrapped up in that one thing and determine my success/failure by it alone. It hurts when you lose sight of the big(ger) picture! My biggest goal for 2012 is more patience…with everything. My kids, my family, my friends…and my life. Impatience is my single biggest vice. *sigh* Great blog, btw!


  40. Now I have to stew over my own list, I love plotting my life–it gives me that peaceful resolution with my own battles that I can stick it out through the toughest of them and be beside others, too. Time to unearth the 2011 organizer first though, to know where I have to start off next year. So excited!

  41. I have a long bucket list too but its always in the “tomorrow” section of “things to do”. I’ve driven 55 new cars this year. I guess that’s an achievement of sorts.

  42. True, its very hard to believe that we’re in December already.

    In 2011 I moved to a new country, started to live alone, still financially depended though. and started studying a new major. It appeared after all that I wasn’t lucky in country I left too. Its very hard to live, mingle with people,make friend and it has very bad infrastructure. On the good side however, I read some books, participated in workshops, learned new things ( such as photography and acting ) and everyday to me since Jan 5, 2011 is a new experience.

    I’m still working on my goals for 2012, I already know that I want to travel for some new countries ( because one of my long term goals is to see as many countries as I can ) , make some money, do inturen fellowship in a radio station or a TV, try to write a book, and of course have create inner peace and live with the obstacles I’m facing due to living in really strange society and bad structured country.

    P.s : me too love long rides ( window closed though ) specially if the ride was FORD, cats and American life.

  43. Good post especially that quote. I think you should to make a ‘mindmap’ of your goals and actually draw out how you are going to achieve your goals. And then make a timetable of doing those little tasks that will get you to achieve your overall goal. May I ask, just for curiosity, what are your goals?

  44. You have a nice outlook towards the coming year … well ironically my first blog was on “dates” and what do they mean to us in relation to the part of world we live in … nice blog …good luck

  45. congrats on being freshly pressed.
    i do keep trying the word cloud way, but my efforts loose steam midway. Sometimes there is no time to even read the posts on the bedroom closet or on my office table. So for me the mantra for 2012 would be ” complete, complete, complete”.
    wish you a happy 2012 ahead and keep posting….keep inspiring.

  46. Like you said… ” Finding Balance” IS the key ! Making your goals a passion and constantly reminding yourself WHY it’s a goal for you, why it’s important to you.
    Congrats on getting ” pressed” and GREAT post!

  47. I put my goals on small pieces of paper and keep them in a special little box. When I accomplish one, I take the piece of paper out. Some of my goals stay in there for a long time … but that’s o.k. – they are not forgotten.

  48. This is such a great post! I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2012 as well and like you, I’m searching for more balance this year. I want to work as hard as I can on my business but also take the time to have fun doing the hobbies I’ve neglected and spending time with the people that matter most to me. Career is number one for me this year but I don’t want to forget about actually living life while I’m at it :)

  49. I set a New Year’s resolution for myself for 2010 about balance and zen and improving my organizational skills, and started a blog about it. It was called zen twenty-ten, the thought being that I would meet my goals and could discontinue the blog in 2011. Here it is, almost 2012 and my blog is still going! Still working on the same goals. I guess zen/balance isn’t something you “find,” but is a continuing journey. Good luck to you!


  50. Hi Domestocrat :)
    Your post got me thinking about my goals for next year, very inspiring, even though I’m just a teenager :D Maybe I should really start doing the dishes and change my life. Well thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Hey :) thank you very much :)
    As we are looking towards pushing our music next year this has really really helped us focus our ideas and specifically our individualistic goals.
    This has been an inspiration and a blessing, thank you :)

  52. That is so true 2011 went at a steady fast past I lost track of the days. Unfortunately there was not much excitement but I’m looking forward to 2012. Hopefully its better. 1coffeehouse.wordpress.com

  53. I think for 2012 I want to just keep doing what I’m doing. I mean, I’ve gotten a lot healthier and I’ve also calmed down a lot more. I would like to keep improving on that and I also wan to keep the love I have with my boyfriend going. Who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be announcing I’m pregnant.

  54. First time I have actually asked myself the question about what is in store for 2012 is when I your post caught my eye. I actually haven’t really thought about it. I do know I want a less cold winter, more sunshine, less death. So many animal friends, mine an my neighbors, have passed in the last few years. My black lab was almost 13 when I had to put her down not this past July but 2010. Many people in my neighborhood had dogs about her age or a little older when I first got her as a pup, and in the last few years many, and I mean like a dozen or so, have passed on. I live in the South End in Boston and everyone who has a animal friend generally know each other, even if its just saying hello on the street and knowing the animals name and not the “owner’s” name, but when that animal leaves, we know the pain the other human companions will feel. I still cry, not every day like I used to, about every other day, thinking about my Shiva, my black Lab friend. I lost my dad many years ago, and I ended a relationship many years ago, and I know there are similarities in the stages you go through no matter what the loss, I accept that, but the emotions I feel cannot be to boxed into pretty little packages like a list of “stages” one goes through. With the passing of my friend, so much has been coming to my mind, mostly, how very short life is and how fast time goes. This is a great motivator to me. Motivate me to do what, I have yet to figure out. I do know that there are a few things I will do, things that I have been doing and will keep doing, that have been “working” for me for years. They are; smile and say hello to my neighbors, read more, spend more time with good friends, also saving money. It amazes me how much one can save when you just do it and not pay attention to doing it. “Biting my tongue” is on this list, I have been trying to find a balance between quick reaction to incidences in my surrounding and “flying off the handle”. I guess my “to do” list is pretty short and not extraordinary in anyway, but I find keeping life simple, allows me to see, to acknowledge that I am actually part of my life, and not just a passenger, unable to effect it, like many times I feel. Shiva, my black Lab really helped in this, by forcing me to care for something outside myself, to be present and pay attention. I now need to find a way to do this on my own, so that too is a big part of my journey through 2012.

  55. I’m a goal setter myself. I love New Years Eve and my birthday because that’s when I set my goals for the year and review the previous year’s goals. It’s important to continually review your goals. But most important for me is visualizing my ultimate goal, so that each year I’m moving one step closer. I’ve used my blog as a tool to help me visualize my ultimate lifestyle and to keep my goals at the top of my mind everyday. I’m looking forward to 2012 and wish you all the best in the New Year.



  56. Biggest goal of 2012: save $$$! My Dear [my fiance] and I are trying to plan our wedding so expenses are a huge issue right now… We’ve both agreed to try to save as much as we can, whenever and wherever possible- gonna be a toughy!

  57. This is a wonderful post, and is very inspiring. I myself cannot believe that 2011 is almost over. I should also start printing out my goals and placing them everywhere to remind me! Thanks for this great tip!

  58. Great post! After getting several areas of my life on track last year, my focus this year is on health and wealth accumulation with balance always the end goal. I think for many people, they see a problem, focus all their attention on that and in the process of fixing it, find other areas in complete disarray. I focus on 4 areas I call health, wealth, self and relationships with different levels of focus. That focus helps keep the balance I need in all areas of my life to maintain an optimal level of success in each area.

  59. Great idea having that reminder posted somewhere visible where you’ll see it often. And very true about the difficulty about taking on new challenges when we already have such full plates. I believe an important step is simplifying your life (cutting back on activities, spending less money on non-essentials, etc) can help free up room in your life for our priorities. Balance via simplicity. Best wishes for the new year!

  60. You could certainly see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart

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