Our Engagement Story

*This is a backdated post. I didn’t originally write this here on the exact date we got engaged but I wanted to save the story here. Enjoy!*

008a4bdsAccording to Kim:

As you may know John and I went to Florida in January. We left on a Tuesday morning (January 26, 2010) and got there by noon. We unpacked, got settled, and waited for the locksmith at my mom’s house. He came and went, and we decided to go out to the outlet mall and run errands, etc.

I’m headed for the door when John says “hey, I have to ask you a question.” I’m expecting where’s my hat, where’s the GPS, do you have directions, something random, etc. Then he says “I’m really nervous.” Huh? I turn around and he’s on one knee, in the middle of my mom’s house entry way, holding a little box. “I wanted to know if you would marry me?”

Cue record scratch here. WHAT?! I was STUNNED. Shocked. Blindsided. I could do nothing but stand there with my mouth open until John said “well….” to which I said “HUH? I didn’t respond?!?! Oh my god. YES!”

Then I ran outside like a crazy person to look at the sparkle on my hand. I started asking questions at a mile a minute – who knows? where did you get the ring? how long have you been planning this? etc etc. He said let’s go and sit down. We sat on the couch for like 30 minutes as he explained everything about my ring and how he’d had the white sapphire for 5-6 months, how he actually bought 2 and decided to go with the one that’s on my finger now (the massive 1.7 carat one). He told me about the local jeweler he met with and designed the band with, how the whole process took many weeks and they conducted business in secret and over email only. He told me how he called my mom and dad a few days before we left to ask them if it was ok and to tell them about the ring. At that point it started to sink in and I cried and we hugged and kissed. It started to feel real – we are engaged, we are going to be married!

He has said a million times since then but he also initially said: “It could have been more romantic, I could have waited until sunset on a sand dune but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had to ask you right then and there, I couldn’t wait!” So, so sweet.

We then called every single one of our immediate family members and close friends. It took forever and my face hurt from talking and smiling.

We finally, like 2 hours later, decided to go out and run errands. We halfheartedly went to the outlet mall, mostly shopping between phone calls. It was 8:30PM and we were going to drive to the grocery store and make a really late dinner when a BBQ place came out of nowhere on the side of the road. We thought there was no better way to celebrate. The place was empty and we ate our fill, talking and planning and just enjoying the moment together.

According to John:

I don’t have much to add, other than that Kim was absolutely, totally surprised.  She didn’t see it coming, despite our extensive “theoretical wedding conversations.”  My favorite part of the whole event was that after I popped the question and she said yes (after a solid ten seconds of silent shock), we had no idea what to do next. We kept trying to figure out who to call, whether to actually go to the outlet mall, and how much of the wedding we should even think about while wrapped up in the heart palpitating ridiculousness that is post-proposal glee.

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